The Bjarne K Dahl Trust in the period 2012 – 15 will operate an annual Small Grants Program focused on the conservation of eucalypts and the education of the public in areas of conservation, propagation, cultural, and historical significance in relation to eucalypts throughout Australia.

Notice to interested applicants:

The 2015-16 Small Grants Program will open on the 12 October 2015 and close on the 30 November 2015.

Applicants must use the grant application package. The package will be made available in October 2015 for download via this website.

Successful applicants will be notified in March 2016.

Through our Small Grants Program the Trust will provide support to individuals, organisations and the community for the undertaking of eucalypt education, promotion, cultivation, establishment and conservation activities.

Grants will be capped at $15,000 and will generally be made for up to a 12-month period – timeframes may be flexible depending on grantseekers needs and the approval of the Board of Managing Trustees.

Projects need to be aligned to the objects of the Trust which are:

  • The establishment, cultivation, promotion and conservation of eucalypts.
  • Education of the public in the establishment, cultivation and conservation of eucalypts.

Priority will be given to projects that address the following:

  • Conserving areas of high conservation status and interest
    • Priority bioregions
    • Priority ecological communities
    • Priority species/ species groups
  • Conservation research or activities aimed at reducing
    • Loss of eucalypts extent and diversity
    • Threats and risks
    • Diseases
  • Education and public awareness of eucalypts, and their cultivation and conservation through
    • Increasing knowledge of eucalypt diversity
    • Increasing knowledge of management and conservation techniques
    • Developing standards for management and conservation practices
    • Highlighting the iconic nature of eucalypts
    • Highlighting cultural heritage (Indigenous culture)
    • Literature and Art


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