Investment Philosophy

The Board of Managing Trustees has adopted an ethical investment approach and all investment decisions are based on a transparent ethical investment overlay.

We review our financial investments at each Board Meeting and undertake an annual review of our fund management approach.

Our investments are managed by Perpetual Private Clients as a Perpetual Ethical SRI Fund, whereby companies are subjected to a rigorous ethical and socially responsible investment (SRI) screening process. There are four steps in this process:

Step 1: Ethical screen
This excludes companies that are significantly engaged in the production or distribution of products and services related to alcohol, gambling, tobacco, uranium, weapons and armaments.

Step 2: Negative screen
This excludes companies that have poor ratings in relation to the environment, human rights, animal rights or genetically modified organisms.

Step 3: Positive screen
The positive screen actively seeks out companies that have a positive impact on society, the environment or other related areas.

Step 4: Final re-assesment
Perpetual undertakes a final re-assesment of a company’s suitability for inclusion. This covers a variety of issues that go beyond the negative and positive screens such as corporate governance or a company’s future intentions for business and operations.