Bjarne’s Story

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At the age of thirty, in 1928, Klaus Bjarne Dahl took the opportunity to come to Australia from Norway to work for the Forests Commission of Victoria. By 1946 Bjarne was the Head of the Victorian Forest Assessment Branch.

From 1948 to 1961 Bjarne Dahl worked as the Chief Land Purchasing Officer at Australian Paper Manufacturers, working in Victoria, Queensland, and NSW. Throughout his life, Dahl purchased land and managed forests as a private investment and with other fortuitous investments grew his private wealth.

During his career, Bjarne Dahl developed a true affinity with the Australian bush and, in particular, a love of the Silvertop Ash, or Eucalyptus sieberi*. So much so that he bequeathed all his property to the Forests Commission of Victoria, now the Department of Sustainability and Environment, to be established as a Trust focused on eucalypts. Bjarne Dahl died in 1993.

*Please note: In his work and later recollections, Bjarne Dahl refers to Silvertop Ash as E. sieberania. The current taxonomic name for this species is E.sieberi. In our publication From fjords to eucalypts forests – Bjarne K Dahl’s Journey written by Peter Evans, the Trust has decided for reasons of consistency to refer to the species as Bjarne Dahl has in his forestry maps and his Will.