The Bjarne K Dahl Trust focuses on eucalypts, an Australian icon and a significant aspect of Australia’s natural environment and biodiversity. We envisage a public inspired by and appreciative of eucalypts.


Australian Book Review Environment Issue Launched

On November 11, 2014 the Australian Book Review launched their inaugural Environment Issue in partnership with the Dahl Trust.  The evening began with an introduction from Australian Book Review’s Peter Rose and a brief history of the Bjarne K Dahl Trust from Chairman Alison Teese.  The highlight however was undoubtedly Danielle Clode, the first recipient of the Bjarne K Dahl Trust Fellowship, sharing an excerpt from her essay, “Seeing the wood for the trees.”

The discussions throughout the evening demonstrated the significance of eucalypts in literature, particularly for their ability to evoke nostalgia.  Quite aptly, being Rememberence Day, the formal speeches closed with a memory of Australian soldiers during World War II being presented with eucalypt leaves as a reminder of home.

The Australian Book Review: Environment Issue is currently on sale at newsagents and book stores, or online at

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Peter Rose (Editor, ABR), Alison Teese (Chairman, Dahl Trust), Danielle Clode (ABR Dahl Trust Fellow), John Miller (Trustee, Dahl Trust).


Danielle Clode reading from her essay.